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Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State

I am delighted to send my greetings to each of you gathered here this evening to take part in this performance by [The Arts Effect]. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all the young ladies for their participation in the production, Keep Your Eyes Open. I applaud each of you for your hard work, vision, and dedication in writing and performing your own play.

It is always wonderful to hear about young girls committed to something they are passionate about. In addition to your interest in theater theory and technique, your weekly rehearsals and months of preparation while commuting from all over New York City area have clearly demonstrated your devotion and enthusiasm for the arts.

Tonight’s [Arts Effect] production is a true expression of creativity that not only entertains, but also fosters an interest in the humanities, as it provides an outlet to express our thoughts on current events and culture. It is my hope that you find your experience most rewarding as you continue in your pursuit of the arts.

I send you my most heartfelt congratulations at this exciting juncture in your life.

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