Julie Branam and Rick Wenger, Arts Effect Parents

Katie and Meg are the REAL DEAL! They don’t just give an acting class, they teach an acting class with REAL emotion and feeling. You can tell they LOVE what they do! They inspire the kids to dig deep with REAL feelings not “fake” overacting. Their approach to teaching is thoughtful, organic, and REALLY FUN! We are so lucky to have found them!

Carole and John Husiak, Arts Effect Parents

Our son has been part of this unusual acting experience for two years. He has developed not only a skilland love for acting, but has become a more confident young adult. Being part of the Arts Effect class hashelped him learn how to relax, how to be more in touch with his feelings and how to go beyond what he might have done in so many aspects of his day to day life. He has loved being part of the acting classand feels as though he is part of a wonderful community.

Roxanne Palin, Arts Effect Parent

The Arts Effect is an energetic, inclusive and nurturing organization that has fostered my child’s creativity and confidence. Katie Cappiello infuses her vast experience and talent into the classroom and her students respond by giving their all. My child looks forward to going to The Arts Effect each week.

Oona McSweeney, Arts Effect Parent

My daughter has been working with Katie Cappiello and Meg McInerney for the last year and they arefantastic, professional, creative and really take the kids to the next level in acting. I cannot say enough about this program! My daughter’s acting skill has grown exponentially since starting with the Arts Effect, and she is more confident and comfortable in her ability.

David Bally, Arts Effect Parent

In just one day, The Arts Effect made my daughter’s entire summer!

Eva Kotch, Arts Effect Parent

Our kids had such an incredible year with the Arts Effects! Aside from their being able to walk in weekly to a fun, loving, and supportive environment, they booked four projects between the two of themand made major impressions on directors in many more. The fact that your program focuses on the actors ability to be in the moment and deliver a completely natural performance is no doubt a majorfactor in their success!