Arts Effect Girl Power Projects are community building initiatives designed to provide girls ages 9-14 and their families with the tools, skills, and supportive space to make their voices heard.

Girl Power Community Event(s) feature FREE expert-lead panels, creative arts/new media workshops, & exciting, award-winning LIVE performances!

The Arts Effect invites girl-focused brands and organizations to join us in celebrating GIRLS by sponsoring and co-hosting a variety of Girl Power projects.

OGP Launch!


The Arts Effect All-Girl Ensemble redefined what it means to be fashionable.  Real girls took Fall’s hottest runway by storm and performed original scenes and monologues about what it means to be bold, smart, powerful, and strong!

Find Your Voice!

Find Your Voice! is an annual youth arts fundraising project designed to challenge and inspire 9-14 year-old girls to courageously FIND and FREE their voices, while uniting as a powerful community to spread greater awareness of and compassion for the challenges facing girls and women around the globe. Each year FIND YOUR VOICE will offer performances and community activities for tween/teen girls, their families, and friends in hopes of encouraging girls to honor their history, celebrate their minds and bodies, and support the education and empowerment of girls worldwide.