Operation: Girl Power!

What is “Operation: Girl Power!”?

Operation: Girl Power! is a girl-focused, girl-supporting, girl-friendly movement to inspire, motivate, and unite iGeneration girls through creative arts based in-school workshops and empowering community-building events.
It is the goal of Operation: Girl Power! to introduce the girls of NYC and beyond to healthfully and respectfully recognize, maintain, and cultivate her own power, sense of self, voice, and character while out and about in today’s world!


What the Experts Think?

“We have witnessed dozens of powerful, girl-focused programs, but The Arts Effect theater program surpasses them all. Meg and Katie’s connection with the girls is genuine and exciting; their ability to get at what affects girls’ lives right now is uncanny and inspiring. Through theater and community, the girls move past vulnerability, anger, and silence, into empowerment, friendship, and voice. The Arts Effect might just be the antidote to the “mean girl.”

Co-authors of Manifesta & Grassroots, co-owners of Soapbox, Inc.

Why Operation: Girl Power!?

Operation: Girl Power! has been developed to serve the growing need for a safe space and reflective outlet within the girl community. Girls today face overwhelming cultural, social, even familialpressures. While striving to meet the high expectations of being “good”, smart, pretty, well-liked, and popular, girls commonly experience an ocean of complex emotions including stress, insecurity, self-doubt, frustration, anger, and panic—all feelings associated with “disempowerment”. This sense of disempowerment or loss of control is rarely communicated; instead, it is often suppressed by girls. Without the space, guidance, and tools to healthfully process the pressures of their world, girls misdirect and channel bottled-up emotions into aggressive behavior that can be hurtful, at times destructive, to fellow girls and/or the girls themselves.

Operation: Girl Power! will empower the girl community by providing girls with creative opportunities—in school and out!—to speak openly, be heard, be respected, and (re)connect with themselves and one another. The events and workshops offered as part of Operation: Girl Power! promote honest, thoughtful, and necessary communication and exploration using a variety of fun, effective, girl-friendly tools including:

  • Theater: An artistic outlet that offers a safe “stage” to play/act out relationships, situations, conflicts, motivations, and needs as characters. Role playing and scene building allows girls to recreate and analyze behavior, choices, strategies, tactics, and outcomes.
  • Creative Writing: A reflective, creative process that encourages girls to put their experiences into words, to articulate their feelings on paper, and transfer emotions from the inside to the outside in the form of scenes, monologues, poems, articles, testimonials, and short stories.
  • Social Networking: We like to think of it as “Girls, Unplugged”.  Girls coming together for some old-school, face-to-face conversation, status updates, comments, profile sharing, and community building.
  • Mentoring: Everyone needs a big sister. Girls will have the opportunity to talk openly and honestly with supportive and inspiring teen and adult mentors. Exchanging thoughts, feeling, ideas, and challenges with someone in addition to parents/family members can often be therapeutic for young girls.

In Girls’ Words:

Girl Power is about standing up for the girls of the world. It means being yourself and speaking your mind honestly, but still respecting your friends.”

-Celia Babini, Operation: Girl Power! Participant, 3rd Grade, LREI

Girl Power is about standing up for yourself and expressing yourself. It’s about having the ability and the strength to share what you think and what you believe in.”

-Elyssa Rivera, Operation: Girl Power! Participant, 6th Grade, PPAS

In-School Workshops

Our In-School Workshops offer a unique opportunity to reach the girl community within individual public and private elementary/middle schools. The Arts Effect will work closely with administrations, PTA members, and teaching staff to develop an OPERATION: GIRL POWER! program that best serves the specific needs of each school and community.

Currently, Operation Girl Power In-School Workshops are serving the girls of P.S. 41, The Abraham Joshua Heschel School, and The Rebecca School in NYC.

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