How do you register for an Arts Effect class?

Visit our registration page and begin the 4-step registration process.

What forms do I need to fill out to register for class?

There are four Arts Effect forms that need to be filled out before a child can start participating in class: The Arts Effect Registration Form, Medical Release Form, Photo/Video Release Form, and Creative Material Release Form.  You can download all required forms from our registration page.

If you are a new student, ALL forms must be filled out and e-mailed/scanned or mailed to The Arts Effect before the class start date.  You can mail forms to reg@TheArtsEffectNYC.com

If you are a returning student, all registration forms are valid for 1 year.  After a year’s time, new forms must be filled out and submitted.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payment via PayPal, check, and cash.
Please make checks payable to:
The Arts Effect
Payments may be sent to our office:
The Arts Effect
Attn: Meg McInerney, Managing Director
122 East 17th Street, Suite 3R
New York, NY 10003

What’s your refund policy?

Before the start date of a particular class, you are eligible to receive a full refund minus the 30% non-refundable deposit fee OR a full Arts Effect credit to be applied toward another class within a year of the purchase date.  After the start date of a particular class, no refund will be issued.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for paying the ENTIRE class fee no matter the number of his/her child’s absences and/or in the case of his/her child’s discontinuation of ANY Arts Effect program.

Is it possible to set-up a payment plan?

We are happy to negotiate a payment plan that best serves you and your family.

Please download our PAYMENT PLAN AGREEMENT form HERE and submit to reg@TheArtsEffectNYC.com.  We welcome you to create your own pay schedule and submit payments incrementally throughout the semester.  Tution must be paid IN FULL by the final class of the semester.

Is there anything my child needs to bring to class or prepare for class?

We very much encourage students to bring WATER, a notebook, a folder, and a pen/pencil. Unless specified, students are not required to prepare a monologue for class. Students participating in our ACTING for MUSICAL THEATER class are strongly encouraged to have a musical theater song prepared for the first class, along with sheet music. PLEASE REMEMBER: ACTING for MUSICAL THEATER is open to students of all levels, we do not expect perfectly polished pieces – just make sure your child loves the song s/he brings and enjoys singing it!

Do you recommend signing-up for more than one class?

Yes! Students are encouraged to take a combination of classes that best suit their interests. Our traditional acting classes, THE PLAYERS and ARTS EFFECT JR, are perfectly complimented by our specialized classes THE ALL-GIRL COMPANIES (which include creative writing components) and MUSICAL THEATER (which supports musical theater lovers in bringing rich character work to their musical theater performances). All our classes are grounded in the same Stanislavski/Strasbergian technique and philosophy, yet support young artists in developing/strengthening different sets of theater muscles – resulting in well-rounded performers.


What type of training do you offer?

Our training is Stanislavski/Strasberg based, and focuses on the development of a rich, emotionally-connected, in-the-moment, NATURAL acting style.  The foundation of our training lies in a combination of sense memory and improvisation which encourages young actors to bring their own life experiences to characters and scenes while staying present in the fictional reality being created on stage.

9-year-olds can register for Arts Effect Jr. classes/Arts Effect Jr. Summer Camp or Players 2 classes/Summer Acting Intensive I, which would best suit my child?

The Arts Effect Jr. classes/summer camps are perfect for a 9-year-old at a beginner level with little or no acting training and/or 9-year-olds who enjoy/benefit from being the oldest in the class. Our Players 2 classes/Summer Intensives are for intermediate level 9-year-olds who have had previous acting training and experience, and enjoy/benefit from working with older classmates.

12-year-old students can register for Players 2 Class/Summer Acting Intensive I or Players 1/Summer Acting Intensive II, which would best suit my child?

Players 2 classes and SUMMER INTENSIVE I are designed for students at a beginner/intermediate acting level with limited acting experience/training. Players 1 classes and SUMMER INTENSIVE II are designed for teens and/or at an advanced/professional acting level. 12-year-olds with limited training are encouraged to join PLAYERS 2 during the school year and SUMMER INTENSIVE I during the summer. 12-year-olds with training/professional experience are encouraged to join PLAYERS 1 during the school year and SUMMER INTENSIVE II during the summer.

What’s the difference between The All-Girl Company classes and The Players classes?

The Players classes function as “traditional” acting classes.  Students focus on technique strengthening through a variety of challenging Stanislavski/Strasberg based exercises, improvisation work, character development, text exploration, and the preparation/presentation of scenes and monologues from published plays such as Eric Bogosian’s Suburbia, Liz Flahive’s From Up Here, Kenneth Lonnergan’s This is Our Youth, Clark Gesner’s You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Fanny Flagg’s Daisy Fay and The Miracle Man, and more.  *Interview required for PLAYERS I.  Contact Katie Cappiello & Meg McInereny to schedule an interview – admin@TheArtsEffectNYC.com

The All-Girl Theater Companies are girl-only classes that focus on acting essentials such as sense memory, improvisation, scene and character study, AND ALSO CREATIVE WRITING/PLAYWRITING.  Members of The All-Girl Companies develop and script their own scenes, monologues and plays.  So, along with advancing their acting skill set and technique, the girls also have a chance to come together as a creative ensemble and share their voices.  The pieces developed in The All-Girl Companies are based on members’ experiences being girls in the world.  Original pieces are performed at the end of each semester for family and friends.  AWARD-WINNING works developed with these groups have been produced as part of The New York International Fringe Festival, toured the Tri-State Area and the midwest, and enjoyed sold-out performances OFF-BROADWAY.  *Audition/Interview Required.  Contact Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney to schedule an audition/interview – admin@TheArtsEffectNYC.com

What should my should my child expect the first day?

We see The First Class as a great opportunity for new and returning students to get to know one another and warm-up for an exciting semester of training and acting. We begin The First Class with introductions, and a discussion about acting and the goals of the semester. This is followed by a physical and vocal warm-up, and a basic sense memory exercise. The remainder of The First Class is dedicated to ensemble building work and improvisation exercises.

What does an average class entail?

A typical Arts Effect class includes the following: a beginning-of-class catch-up with everyone, physical and vocal warm-up (including diction work), relaxation, a sense memory exercise, character development work, improvisation exercises that focus on character/scene creation and/or the creation of PLACE, text work on scenes, and the presentation of structured improvisations or scenes/monologues for the class. All Arts Effect classes involve conversations among students and teachers about the exercises explored during that particular class and, of course, acting in general.


Can I drop my child off early?

Arts Effect teachers arrive at our studios “10 minutes before” the start of class to welcome students. Parents interested in dropping their children off earlier than “10 minutes before” @ 440 Studios, may do so if students are comfortable waiting on their own, unsupervised in the lobby areas on the 3rd or 4th floor.  The lobby areas at 440 Studios are friendly, safe, usually busy spaces with bathrooms, plenty of benches, and vending machines. We ask that Arts Effect students respect others using the space by waiting quietly.  Parents of students attending classes at the uptown location – 1296 Lexington Ave. – MAY NOT drop students off earlier than “10 minutes before” the start of class.

Can my child bring a friend to class?

While we love that our students want to share their Arts Effect experience with their friends (or siblings), we do not allow students to bring visitors to class. If your son or daughter has a friend who may be interested in joining The Arts Effect or just wants to check out some amazing acting, friends and family are more than welcome to attend the final performances/open houses at the end of the semester.

Do you prepare students for agent and manager meetings?

Yes.  Our professional students are represented by some of THE BEST managers and agents in the business, and have performed in Broadway productions such as Billy Elliot, Mary Poppins, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Chaplin: The Musical, Les Miserables, Shrek, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, along with starring in feature films such as New Year’s Eve, Junction, Did You Hear About The Morgans?, The Switch, and more!  If your daughter or son is interested in venturing into the professional side of acting, we are happy to help her/him prepare for that first step – THE AGENT/MANAGER MEETING.  We will provide interested students with one-minute monologues, cold-reading prep (VERY OFTEN the focus of any agent/manager meeting), and even the opportunity to practice for the interview component of the meeting.

Do you work with professional actors?

Yes.  We’re proud that our students have a wide range of interests when it comes to acting/theater – some simply love theater an artistic outlet and a fun after-school activity, some can’t wait to be cast in their school plays, and some are Broadway bound!  Our professional students choose to work with us because we guide them in the development of a rich, emotionally connect, in-the-moment, NATURAL acting style – something that is highly sought after in the professional acting world.  Our professional students have appeared in numerous Broadway productions, feature films, and TV series.

It’s important for young professionals to continue their training, rather than simply preparing sides after sides for role after role, for particular auditions.  Young actors interested in having a long-term career benefit greatly from participating in technique classes and experimenting with scene and monologue work, sense memory, and improvisation – it’s the best way to broaden range and stay artistically fit!  Just think about it…professional athletes hit the gym everyday to stay in tip-top shape, professional musicians practice for hours on end to perfect their skill – ACTORS SHOULD DO THE SAME!

Do you offer help with middle school and high school auditions? Which classes do you recommend?

We’re very proud of our many Arts Effect students who have been accepted to LaGuardia, PPAS, and Frank Sinatra.  We’ve been assisting students with the middle/high school audition process for 7 years – even before we founded The Arts Effect! – and we always look forward to guiding families through this experience.  Our goal is to thoroughly prepare and motivate our students: we find and help them prepare unique, perfectly-suited monologues that follow school requirements, make sure they feel confident with “cold-reading” and improvisation, and also engage students in mock-interviews before the audition.  One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of The Arts Effect community as you prepare for auditions is having the help/support of fellow Arts Effect classmates who have been through the process and attend your dream school!

In preparation for a performing arts middle school audition, we HIGHLY recommend either of our PLAYERS 2 classes (uptown or downtown) and, for our female students, THE ARTS EFFECT ALL-GIRL JR. THEATER COMPANY.

In preparation for a performing arts high school audition, we HIGHLY recommend either of our PLAYERS 1 classes (uptown or downtown).

Will you write a letter of recommendation for my child?

We do our very best to accommodate everyone’s letter of recommendation request.  Please know, due to overwhelming demand, we have put a few guidelines in place.

  1. You must request a letter of recommendation at least TWO WEEKS in advance.
  2. In your request email, you must clearly state all recommendations requirements – any points the school/program requesting the letter would like us to include/address.
  3. In your request email, you must provide the address of the school/program and the name of person to whom the letter should be addressed.
PLEASE NOTE:  Our goal is to provide detailed, personal letters of recommendation based on our knowledge of your child and his/her talents and personality, therefore IF YOUR CHILD HAS NOT BEEN A STUDENT AT THE ARTS EFFECT FOR AT LEAST ONE COMPLETE SEMESTER, OR IF YOUR CHILD HAS TAKEN OVER 1 YEAR OFF FROM THE ARTS EFFECT, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, when available.  Please contact Meg McInerney @ Meg@TheArtsEffectNYC.com to discuss scholarship opportunities.