Classes, Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Classes

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Summer classes we offer in:

Our summer semester has been developed for enthusiastic young artists and performers ages 8–18 interested in exploring the exciting world of acting and theater. The Arts Effect has the perfect summer program for actors of all levels, interests, and schedules!

Through an award-winning combination of sensory work, improvisation, and character/scene study, our program focuses on the advancement of the actor’s skill set and audition technique! Throughout the sessions, students will be assigned scenes and/or monologues to prepare and then present at the end of each workshop for friends and family. Students will also have the opportunity to work with and prepare authentic film/TV/commercial audition sides. New and returning students can look forward to a unique and rewarding creative experience – Arts Effect training is custom-tailored to best suit the needs and goals of each student!


  • Technique Strengthening: Go beyond pretending and role-playing and actually experience REAL LIFE on stage or screen. Our Method-based technique centers on bringing the actor’s own life experience and understanding to character and scene work.
  • Improvisation: Improv is becoming very common in the audition room and on set. The fast-paced, quick-thinking nature of improvisation is key to bringing naturalism and realism to any actor’s work.
  • Character Development: The secret to quickly uncovering the W’s of any and every character!
  • Scene Study: Understand the structure, relationship, objectives, and conflicts of your script and/or audition sides. Learn to work with other actors, listen and respond, and exist in the moment!
  • Script Analysis (including subtext and logic work): Discover what’s simmering under the lines and hiding in every moment.
  • Monologue Preparation: Let us help you find and perfect your monologue.
  • Audition Preparation: Important, helpful, and fun auditioning tips to prepare young professionals for cold readings, advanced audition sides, and interview questions.
  • Cold Reading: This most intimidating audition practice will be debunked!
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Parents/Guardians are responsible for paying the ENTIRE class fee no matter the number of his/her child’s absences and/or in the case of his/her child’s discontinuation of ANY Arts Effect program.